I Am A Girl!

Netherlands, 2010, 15′
director: Susan Koenen
cinematography: Reinout Steenhuizen
editing: Susan Koenen, Denise Janzee
production: Hollandse Helden

Joppe was born a boy, but wanted to be a girl for as long as she can remember. At 13, she asked the other children in her class to treat her as a girl. It worked, but not everything is that simple, especially when love dawns on the horizon. Will it be requited?
Even if it isn’t, and even if Joppe knows she will not be able to give birth to children, the film imparts the impression that she has an excellent chance to lead a truly happy life. The protagonist of Susan Koenen’s film is a strikingly strong personality. “I Am a Girl!” is a dexterously produced short film about a transsexual, whose story is told honestly and lacking sugarcoating, without becoming another pedestrian “film about a problem.” Although it is easy to watch (everything is pleasant and spring-like for a reason) the director aims to show something deeper, looking for, in her words, “non-famous people who can be role models.”

2011 IDFA
2011 Los Angeles FF (Best Short Documentary)

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12 XII, monday 17:00 Kino Rejs

14 XII, wednesday 16:00 Kino.Lab