Bernardo Ruiz set out to make a completely different film about the border region between Mexico and the United States. While collecting material, however, he met Sergio Haro, a local journalist whose harrowing three-hour story about investigative journalism in Mexico convinced him to change the subject of his documentary.
Haro is the reporter alluded to in the title. But he's not the only one. The film tells the story of the independent Mexican weekly Zeta, founded 32 years ago by another journalist, Jesus Blancornelas. Fired from another publication because of his uncompromising attitude, Blancornelas decided to set up his own newspaper. Mexico at that time was an authoritarian country, ruled by the Institutional Revolutionary Party and Zeta was the first independent weekly that called out the government for bad decisions, corruption, and the unhealthy relationship between politics and business that, over time, turned into the drug trade.
Using Zeta's journalists as an example, Ruiz's film shows just how risky investigative journalism is in Mexico. Over the past several years, more than 40 journalists investigating drug gangs have either disappeared or been murdered. Many of them, including some of the protagonists in the film, were shot in broad daylight on the streets of Tijuana. (ab)
Reportero / Reporter / Reportero
72 ' , 2012 Mexico, USA director: Bernardo Ruiz / cinematography: Claudio Rocha / editing: Carla Gutierrez / production: Quiet Pictures /


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