The Khmer Rouge and the Man of Non-Violence

The titular Red Khmer is Kang Guek Eav, aka Duch, who in 1975–1979 was the head of the S21 torture center, where only seven of nearly 16,000 inmates survived. Now facing trial, he has two defenders, one Cambodian, one French, who don’t always understand each other. Kar Savuth was once imprisoned by Red Khmer - he now assists a French attorney, François Roux, but surprises him by going rogue in key moments. These surprising twists and changes in positions setup the film’s dramatic tension in the international trial against Duch, a ranking official of a criminal former regime. But director Bernard Mangiante is even more interested in the drama of the unusual encounter between the defendant and his French defense attorney, François Roux. Duch, who could be terror and obedience personified, is to entrust his fate into the hands of a disciple of Gandhi, defender of those who practice civil disobedience, and believer in non-violence. Will admission of guilt for his crimes, as counseled by Roux, be a mere tactical move by Duch or the result of an internal transformation? Can he deal with the fact that his Red Khmer superiors are still untried? Finally, is a real meeting possible at all here? (mn)
The Khmer Rouge and the Man of Non-Violence / Czerwony Khmer i jego obrońca / Le Khmer Rouge et le Non-Violent
90 ' , 2011 France, Cambodia director: Bernard Mangiante / cinematography: Bernard Mangiante / editing: Catherine Gouze / production: Les Films d'Ici


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