ticketsAdmission to all festival events is FREE.

Tickets will be distributed before the festival on December 5-7 between 12 noon-8PM in Kino Muranów (ul. Andersa 5).

Tickets can be also collected in the festival venues during the whole festival, however, in such cases volunteers will distribute only tickets for events scheduled to take place the same day and in the same venue. Tickets can be collected as of 30 minutes before the first screening every day.

Ticket holders are required to appear in the festival venue at least 10 minutes before the screening begins. 10 minutes before every screening, people without tickets will be allowed to enter the screening room in case there are free seats. In case there are no free seats, latecomers will not be allowed to enter the screening room.

Invitations for the opening gala and festival badges allow their holders to enter screenings without the necessity of collecting tickets in advance.

All films are shown in original language versions with Polish and English subtitles, with the exception of: My Enemy's Enemy, Mademoiselle, Oh, Karol!, and The Laughing Man, which are shown without English subtitles.