13. WATCH DOCS – tickets


Tickets to all screenings at the 13th International Film Festival WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film are FREE OF CHARGE.

Terms of collecting free tickets:

  • Free tickets for screenings at the 13th WATCH DOCS will be available to be picked up in ticket offices of all the cinemas which are part of the festival.
  • On each day tickets will be issued for screenings held on that day and for the following day (for example, on the 6th of December we will be able to pick up tickets for screenings on the 6th and 7th of December).
  • In the box office of any given cinema free tickets will be available for screenings that are held only in that cinema.
  • Free tickets for the 13th WATCH DOCS will be issued within the opening hours of ticket offices.
  • One person is entitled to pick up five free tickets for one film.

Terms of use of free tickets:

We kindly ask all ticket holders to arrive at the cinema at least 10 minutes prior to the screening of the film. After this time people who have not picked up their free tickets at an earlier time will be admitted and we cannot guarantee the availability of seats.