Oscar laureate at 13th WATCH DOCS


Roger Ross Williams, who received an Oscar for best short-length documentary, will be a guest at the 13th WATCH DOCS. The director will meet with the festival’s audience after the screening of his new disturbing film, God Loves Uganda.

The film, which had its world premiere at this year’s Sundance, is a story of spiritually inspired ultraconservative American preachers, who on their path to save the world reach Uganda. The aggressive rhetoric of missionaries is planted in a fertile ground where, unlike in the United States, there is no resistance from a legal system which should protect people of different kinds. It is down to the missionaries when it comes to forcing through the Ugandan parliament legislation aiming to tighten the law against homosexuality, seeing death penalty as the highest form punishment. It was them who ignited the hate campaign, which amongst its victims saw David Kato – a brutally murdered Ugandan LGBT activist, who was a protagonist of Call me Kuchu (a recipient of the audience award at the 12th WATCH DOCS festival). God Loves Uganda is a thorough documentary – captivating on the level realisation, as well as masterful in the way it treats its complex subject matter. Roger Ross Williams carefully portrays people who might be far away from his worldview, trying to understand their motivation, giving them a voice. He captures the idealism of young missionaries, equally revealing their psyche, ignorance and tragic naivety.