Walk the Watch Dog

Walk the Watch Dog is a project in which free of charge screenings of the festival’s films from previous editions are organized in various cafés and clubs in Warsaw. For more information and up-to-date news check out our Facebook profile.


18.08 Kino.Lab, 19:00, Permission to engage + Lack of evidence

28.07 Kino.Lab, The Gypsy Vote

30.06 Kino.Lab, A Woman’s Place and Male Role Models – American Educational Films

19.05 Kino.Lab, A Girl Like Her

14.04 Kino.Lab, The Khmer Rouge and the Man of Non-Violence

17.03 Kino.Lab, The House I Live In

17.02 Kino.Lab, Mayor

27.01 Kino.Lab, BAD BOY High Security Cell


25.11 Kino.Lab, Bad Girls

21.10 Kino.Lab, Belarusian Dream

10.10 Znajomi Znajomych,  The Guantanamo Trap

07.09 Kino.Lab, Ecumenopolis: City Without Limits

26.08 Kino.Lab, The Light Bulb Conspiracy

29.07 Kino.Lab, The Castle

24.06 Kino.Lab, Our School

27.05 Kino.Lab, Winner documentaries from Burmese Art of Freedom Festival

07.05 Kino. Lab, Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die

22.04 Kino.Lab, This is my land… Hebron

11.04 Kino.Lab, No Entry No Exit

24.03 Kino.Lab, I was Worth 50 Sheep

07.03 Znajomi Znajomych, Justice for Sergei

15.02 Znajomi Znajomych, Postcard to Daddy

03.02 Kino.Lab, Special Flight



6.12 Znajomi Znajomych, Winds of Sand. Women of Rock

23.11 Znajomi Znajomych, Too much Pussy! Feminist Sluts, a Queer X Show

15.11 Powiększenie, Women in Shraud

25.10 Powiększenie, Postcard to Daddy

04.10 Czystaojczysta, Closing in on Tanja

27.09 Czystaojczysta, Pink Saris

25.05 Powiększenie, Kapitalism - Our Improved Formula

19.04 Powiększenie, Presumed Guilty

22.03 Powiększenie, The Two Escobars



29.08, Cafe Kulturalna, The Juche Idea

22.08 Plac Zabaw, The Pier of Apolonovka

15.08 Chłodna 25, The Inheritors

8.08 5-10-15, Tibet in Song