Who will win WATCH DOCS?


Competition films of the 13th edition of WATCH DOCS

This year there will be four American titles in the main competition at the 13th WATCH DOCS: the recipient of an award in Seattle, a masterful found footage montage – Our Nixon; one of the most important political documentaries of this season – Dirty Wars; the disturbingly shocking God Loves Uganda, directed by Roger Ross Williams (Academy Award Winner for best short-length documentary in 2010) and These Birds Walk – a poetic picture, stripped of media fakery, illustrating Pakistani reality. The WATCH DOCS competition will not be short of European productions: the outstanding documentary No Burqas Behind Bars by Nima Servestani, 727 Days without Karamo – which combines an aesthetical sensitivity with a carefully structured understanding of significant social issues, and State Builders – a chronicle of the first year of South Sudan’s independence. The programme of the competition also includes three Asian productions: the lively and dynamic documentary, reminiscing of Bollywood musicals, Powerless; the full of twists Fire in the Blood; and 1001 Apples – which brings back to mind the best years of Iranian cinema. The competition for the WATCH DOCS award will also see four international co-productions: Kim Longinotto’s Salma; the documentary Red Wedding, produced by Rithy Panh; awarded with Best Cinematography Prize at Sundance – Who is Dayani Cristal? by Marc Silver and Gael Garcia Bernal, and a documentary by the most famous Haitian filmmaker – Raoul Peck’s Fatal Assistance.