Without looking at a detailed map, few people in Easter Europe would be able to locate Transnistria. It is even more difficult to determine the region’s status. It was detached from Moldova, and up until now has practically been a blank spot on the European map. Only two countries with similarly vague origins have recognized it as an independent state: Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The two young Czech filmmakers who decided to make a film about Transnistria faced a daunting task. Following the example of other post-Soviet territories on the borders of the former USSR, this pseudo-state was ruled for some 20 years by a Moscow-appointed dictator, Igor Smirnov. Ruled by an iron fist and cut off from the world, Transnistria is living in the past. Television is filled with endless recordings of parades or speeches by the president, whose mustachioed face closely watches Transnistria’s citizens from massive billboards. Two thousand Russian soldiers, the ubiquitous secret police, and central planning ensure that reforms in Transnistria are a matter for the distant future. But is that for certain? And what do Transnistrians themselves think about the upcoming elections? Few of them agree to speak openly. The filmmakers beautify the sort of suspended reality that exists there. Their portrait of the Transnistrian fortress has an almost nostalgic feel to it. This hazy, unreal country appears to be drifting through the steppe, somewhere between a difficult past and an uncertain future. (kw)
Fortress / Twierdza / Pevnost  
71 ' , 2012 Czech Republic director: Lukas Kokes & Klara Tasovska / cinematography: Lukas Kokes / editing: Klara Tasovska, Lukas Kokes / production: nutprodukce


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