State Builders

In July 2011, when South Sudan became the world’s newest state after 50 years of bloody civil war, it had a flag, a capital, a national anthem and a president. Everything else had to be built. Florence Martin-Kessler’s and Anne Poiret’s fascinating chronicle of the first year of independence shows big politics, shot from behind the scenes, and carefully observes its implementation in the field. Veterans of UN state-building teams from East Timor and Kosovo with their plans, procedures and solutions, attempt to to cooperate with former rebels - the new heads of state. The scale of expectations and challenges is practically astronomical while relations between Juba and Khartoum remain extremely strained and the specter of bankruptcy hovers over the infant state. Several key elements of the UN’s 19 point road-map concern human rights and rule of law, but South Sudan is not yet ready to provide for its citizens basic services or security, while the country continues to be ravaged by armed conflicts.     
The directors aimed to capture the “nitty-gritty reality of state-building, where the absurd and the necessary come together, revealing much more than any official report about the state of the world.” And they have managed to do so – to the full extent. (mn)
State Builders / Jak zbudować państwo? / Fabrique d'un état  
75 ' , 2013 France director: Florence Martin-Kessler & Anne Poiret / cinematography: Georgi Lazarevski, Stephen Massis / editing: Francoise Bernard / production: QUARK Productions /


Muranów Cinema, Gerard room 2013-12-09 20:15
Q&A with filmmaker, Florence Martin-Kessler
CSW Laboratory 2013-12-10 19:30
Q&A with filmmaker, Florence Martin-Kessler
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