Zelim's Confession

Zelim talks about tortures which he experienced at the hands of the police as a Chechen refugee in Ingushetia. One day, while waiting for a bus, he was offered a ride by some police officers. Instead of taking him to the refugee camp, however, they took him to the station. A couple of days later he was again taken to the station, this time forcefully. Accused of terrorism, he was tortured for five days in an effort to extract incriminating evidence. The police needs to catch some perpetrators quickly in order to boast of their success. Zelim refused to admit to anything, thus putting his life at risk. Having endured electric shocks and having been beaten unconscious, he now has problems with his spine and cannot focus his attention properly. He is never without pain. Non-governmental human rights organizations, including the well-known Memorial, helped him escape from Ingushetia to Norway. He is safe now, but several members of his family who provided testimony to the police are still in the refugee camp. While Zelim is an ordinary guy, it is terrifying to think that also this story from the Caucasus is not that extraordinary. (fg)
Zelim's Confession / Wyznanie Zelima  
60 ' , 2013 Germany director: Natalia Mikhaylova / cinematography: Natalia Mikhaylova / editing: Philipp Gromov / production: HFF „Konrad Wolf” Potsdam-Babelsberg / www.zelimsconfession-film.com/


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Q&A with filmmaker
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Q&A with filmmaker
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