"Women in Shroud" - special WATCH DOCS screening and talk with Shadi Sadr


On October 22, we would like to invite you to a special WATCH DOCS screening of Women in Shroud and a Q&A with the main protagonist of the movie, Shadi Sadr, Iranian journalist, lawyer, and women rights activist.

After the screening, Sadr will meet with the audience and discuss human rights challenges that have to be taken up these days in Iran.

October 22, 20:00, Kino.Lab, Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle
Women in Shroud
, 73 min., Iran, Canada, The Netherlands, 2009

Director: Farid Haerinejad, Mohammad Reza Kazemi


Death by stoning is a punishment doled out to women in Iran for adultery, prostitution, murder in self-defense - sometimes without any evidence of guilt. Officially, Iran banned stoning in 2004 under international pressure. Since then, the state has made all efforts for stoning to continue in secret, making it all the more difficult for human rights defenders trying to save victims from this inhumane form of execution. In describing the unimaginable cruelty of stoning, the shocking documentary by Farid Haerinejad and Mohammad Reza Kazemi includes the story of 21-year-old Leyla, forced into prostitution at age 9 by her mother and raped regularly by her brothers. Sentenced to stoning for these "crimes," Shadi Sadr and her women's rights NGO rescue Leyla, whose intellectual development remains at age 8, getting her a reduced sentence: 99 lashes and 3½ years in prison. When Shadi's organization took Leyla under its wing after she completed her sentence, the girl even required speech lessons. Advocating for basic rights in Iran is mortally dangerous; after beatings and arrests, most recently during the protests against the rigged presidential elections, Shadi left Iran, but continues her campaign against the most inhumane form of legal murder.

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“Solidarity with Iran” – Lech Wałęsa Institute Program
Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle