Screening of “An Ordinary President” - Days of Solidarity with Civil Society of Belarus


WATCH DOCS IFF, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, and Horizon-Against the Death Penalty Group would like to invite you to a special screening of a documentary “An Ordinary President” followed by a debate: “20 Years of Alexander Lukashenko's Presidency: How to Build a Civil Society in an Authoritarian Country?” with the participation of the film's director-Jurij Chaszczewadzki.

Saturday, August 2, 6.00 PM, Faktyczny Dom Kultury, ul. Gałczyńskiego 12.

The screening is organized as part of the Days of Solidarity with Civil Society of Belarus (August 2-4).


An Ordinary President/ Obyknowiennyj prezidient,
dir. Jurij Chaszczewadzki, 54', Belarus 1996

Ordinary President (the title references a famed documentary by Mikhael Romm about Nazi Germany) shows how Aleksander Lukashenko has unilaterally ruled his country - just beyond the European Union's eastern border - for over 14 years, with little hope that this may change anytime soon. Yuri Khashchevatsky's classic film is divided into four parts and shows how a graduate of the Belarusian Agriculture University consolidated power along with the gradual evolution of his personality. The filmmakers were not granted access to the president, opting instead to have a Russian television crew ask questions drafted by the director. The film includes interviews with Lukashenko's "brothers in arms" now in the opposition camp, including his former head of security, minister of the interior and public relations specialist, who expose a terrifying image of a country turned into an ideological relic.