Summer with Anton

Twelve-year-old Anton lives with his grandmother outside Moscow. Like many other boys from poor families, he spends his summer vacation at a military camp. Since Putin’s rise to power, such camps have become more and more popular. In addition to doing drills, groups of skinny teenagers learn to overpower their enemy, take away their weapons, and shoot. Besides fake Kalashnikovs, their training equipment includes knives, helmets, and the shields used by police at demonstrations. Their coaches include veterans from the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya. An officer gives the boys lectures about terrorism and Islam, shows them propaganda films that include images of suicide attacks, and tells them about Chechens. Innocent questions are cut off at once. In the military there's no room for doubts. Anton shares his thoughts with the film director. He feels that every day the camp gives him more power. (fg)
Summer with Anton / Lato z Antonem / Un été avec Anton
61 ' , 2012 Belgium director: Jasna Krajinovic / cinematography: Jorge Léon / editing: Marie-Hélène Mora / production: Dérives Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne
Jasna Krajinovic
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