Those Who Said No

Those who said no rest in Khavaran cemetery, which does not officially exist. Following the 1979 revolution, the new Iranian regime proceeded to eliminate their political opponents. They tortured them and imprisoned them under inhumane conditions for years, before finally deciding to execute them in 1988, rightly counting on the apathy of a nation exhausted by war with Iraq. The notorious Death Commission asked prisoners if they were faithful Muslims. These days, the members of the Commission occupy prominent places among the Iranian authorities. Unable to wait any longer for justice, relatives of the victims and survivors of the prison massacre organized an unprecedented event in The Hague in October 2012: the Iran Tribunal, which was broadcast live on the Internet, with the participation of renowned international judges and prosecutors. In this personal, moving film by Nima Sarvestani, dedicated to his brother, executed in 1988, the harrowing testimony of witnesses is accompanied by footage secretly filmed in Iran, as well as footage from Japan, where Iraj Mesdaghi is trying to fulfill his dream of confronting the guilty with their crimes. Mesdaghi, who, for years, has been fighting for justice for the victims of the massacre, will meet with audiences in Warsaw following screenings of the film.
Those Who Said No / Ci, którzy powiedzieli nie / Those Who Said No  
89 ' , 2014 Sweden director: Nima Sarvestani / cinematography: Ali Shirzad, Arash T. Riahi / editing: Jesper Osmund / production: Nima Film


Antropos Cinema 2014-12-07 20:00
Q&A with film protagonist, Iraj Mesdaghi
Muranów Cinema, Gerard room 2014-12-09 20:00
Q&A with film protagonist, Iraj Mesdaghi / Introduction to the film - Marta Górczyńska, Legal Assistance to Refugees and Migrants, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. | The meeting has been held as part of the project: "Lawyers for Refugees V" co-financed by the European Refugee Fund and the state budget.
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