No man's land

No Man's Land is a short documentary about teens in a Danish center for minors who immigrated without their parents. Boys from Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Iran wait to receive refugee status. The wait takes years, so daily life is fraught with difficulty underpinned by ever-present uncertainly. Some crack under the pressure and become aggressive, especially when friends get their sought-after papers. The center’s personnel do what they can to help, but they also experience difficult moments as the deportation date approaches for their wards. (fg)
No man's land / Ziemia niczyja / Ingenmandsland
30 ' , 2013 Denmark, UK director: Michael Graversen / cinematography: Michael Graversen / editing: Michele Chiappa / production: National Film and TV School UK /

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CSW Sala Edukacyjna 2013-12-07 18:15
CSW Laboratory 2013-12-11 18:15
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