Closing of Anna Konik's exhibition at the CCA / debate and film screening


On Friday, Feb 12 at 6.00PM we would like to invite you to the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle to take part in a debate on the massive influx of migrants and refugees to Europe in the context of Polish social attitudes to that situation.

The starting point for the debate will be Anna Konik’s exhibition A Grain of Sand in the Pupil of the Eye. Video works 2000–2015 (on view until Feb 12). In her latest work In the same city, under the same sky..., the artist addresses the refugee issue by telling the dramatic stories of 35 women from the Middle East, Far East, and Africa, all of whom are currently living in refugee centers in five European towns and cities: Stockholm, Białystok, Bucharest,  Istanbul, and Nantes.

The second point of reference for the debate will be Jarosław Mikołajewski book Wielki przypływ–an account of the current situation on the Lampedusa Island, the shores of which were recently reached by more than 800.000 refugees.
The debate will be accompanied by the screening of a short documentary film Shipwreck by Morgan Knibbe presented in the program of the 15th WATCH DOCS IFF.

Jacek Białas (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights)
Katarzyna Czarnota (sociologist and activist, Zachodni Ośrodek Badań Społecznych i Ekonomicznych)
Ewa Gorządek (curator of the exhibition)
Anna Konik (artist)
Agnieszka Kościańska (anthropologist, Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Warsaw)
Jarosław Mikołajewski (poet, essayist)
Ala Qandil (journalist, the Middle East correspondent for the Polish Press Agency, Le Monde diplomatique Poland contributor)
Przemysław Wielgosz (Le Monde diplomatique Poland)

The exhibition A Grain of Sand in the Pupil of the Eye. Video works 2000–2015 (Dec 4-Feb 14) has been thematically linked with the program of the 15th WATCH DOCS IFF.