Leaving Africa

More than anything “Leaving Africa” is a film about a lifelong friendship. Riitta and Kata have spent 25 years working together in the difficult field of sexual education and conservative Uganda. Riitta is an unmarried woman from Finland nearing retirement and Kata, a divorcee from Uganda, is her best friend. They have lived together for years and Riitta is part of the family to Kata, her kids and grandkids. The two devoted their entire lives to their mission of working for an NGO that organizes workshops for women and men about sexuality, family planning, birth control, sexual health, and equality. They debate leaders, break down stereotypes and inspire local women. All of which does not go unnoticed, and just before Riitta’s leaving for good to Finland, they are accused of spreading deviations, homosexual propaganda and depravation of children. The director films her subjects during these difficult moments, when they may be forced to say goodbye forever and their life’s work is at risk. [fg]
Leaving Africa / Pożegnanie z Afryką / Hyvästi Afrikka  
84 ' , 2015 Finland director: Iiris Härmä / cinematography: Visa Koiso-Kanttila / editing: Nils Pagh Andersen / production: Guerilla Films


CSW Laboratory 2015-12-06 17:00
Q&A with the director, Iiris Härmä
CSW Kino Lab 2015-12-07 18:00
Q&A with the director, Iiris Härmä
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