Documentary "Freedom for Birth" on May 13 at 1Piętro (Foksal 11)


On Friday, the Centre for Thought of John Paul II oraganizes the screening of documentary "Freedom for Birth", presented at the 12th WATCH DOCS. Admittance free of charge.

Freedom for Birth
dir.Toni Harman, Alex Wakeford 
60 min, 2012 Great Britain
Who should decide how and where a woman gives birth? The makers of the film show that the act of childbirth has been completely taken over by modern obstetrics. The fear of possible complications during labor, which has been successfully promoted by doctors, has led to the dehumanization of one of the most basic physiological processes. Under the guise of safety, women throughout the world are being forced to give birth in hospitals where the majority of pharmaceutical and surgical interventions during childbirth are performed for financial gain or for the convenience of the medical personnel. Doctors themselves have admitted this.
The two British directors, Alex Wakeford and Toni Harman, who are also partners in their private lives, initiated, following a bad experience in the hospital for the birth of their daughter, a universal campaign, called One World Birth, aimed at changing the system of perinatal care.
The pretext for making the film Freedom for Birth was the high-profile case of Ágnes Geréb, a Hungarian midwife who has been helping women give birth at home for years. And although this is not prohibited by local law, Ágnes went to prison on charges of endangering the lives of her patients. Riding a wave of protests and public outrage, one of the mothers took Hungary to the European Court of Human Rights, and she won. The film discusses the meaning of that case. (ag)
May 13, 18:30
Centre for Thought of John Paul II
ul. Foksal 11
Free admittance
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 Freedom for Birth, dir. Toni Harman, Alex Wakeford