The Jury of the first edition of FUTURE DOCS - Barak Heymann, Sirkka Moeller, Dorota Roszkowska, Rada Šešiċ and Maarten Stoltz took into consideration eight projects developed since first FUTURE DOCS workshop in Warsaw in December 2015.

Jury had decided that the FUTURE DOCS bursary of 7000 Euro will go to the project of Marco de Stefanis and Ofelya Zalyan The Winning Generation. Please find below the jury's statement:

The Winning Generation is an inspiring combination of an important political message with a touching family story, in a place that is still unknown to most of us. This personal story covers also the political landscape in Armenia nowadays. It has a very strong character and suggested development of the narrative is promising an exceptional and very relevant film. The current situation in Armenia calls for the urgency of this project to be supported now and developed, so that the makers can be in time with their camera to follow the planned events, also upcoming Armenian elections in 2017. Moreover, the project shows an exemplary cooperation between the filmmaker and the human rights activist, who met for the first time in Warsaw and have since become a good team, learning from each other about what filmmakers and NGOs need and what they can provide. There is a very good chance that this will become an engaging film in the coming two years, a film that will reach a wide audience and that will help the Armenian NGO Helsinki Citizen's Assembly Vanadzor to raise awareness of the struggles for more democracy in their country.

Congratulations and many thanks to all the participants for their great work. FUTURE DOCS could not support financially other projects, although they are all promising and important. We will further monitor their development and share the news. Meanwhile we are getting ready to the next editions of FUTURE DOCS.

The FUTURE DOCS bursary is possible thanks to the financial support provided by Stiftung Mercator in the frame of ’Advocate Europe 2015’ idea challenge for innovative European initiatives and projects, realised by MitOst e.V. and Liquid Democracy e.V