Jungle Sisters




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Chloe Ruthven accuses her sister Orlanda of being a corporate lackey. Orlanda calls Chloe a Western couch leftist. Orlanda has lived for years in India recruiting young women from poor rural families to work in factories sewing clothing for corporate giants like The Gap. She invites her sister to visit India and see the truth with her own eyes. That’s the start of the film, which follows the stories of two village girls, Bhanu and Bhuntu, employed by Orlanda. Marooned 1500 km from their family village, they are shellshocked by life in the big city, even if they cannot enjoy it because their dorm has very strict rules. Basically, the girls can move between work and the dorm, cannot receive guests and their private lives are subject to constant strict controls. Some of them can’t handle this pressure or the longing for their families and vanish before their trial period even ends. But the only thing awaiting most of them back home are hastily arranged marriages. Chloe Ruthven’s documentary shows that simple truths, easy accusations, noble slogans and convenient generalizations have little to do with a reality that generates far more questions than answers. [bż]

Jungle Sisters / Siostry z dżungli  
80 ' , 2015 India, UK / cinematography: Chloe Ruthven / editing: John Mister / production: Roast Beef Production