Mama Illegal




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This absorbing film by Ed Moschitz presents the stories of three Moldavian women working illegally in Austria and Italy. Each has left her children back home and each continues to delude herself and her family that she will return. One final effort – finishing a house under construction for years – and the children will finally be able to enjoy their absent mother. But all that is a pipe dream. Having spent years outside their homeland, the women slowly lose touch with the post-communist reality of Moldova, sometimes with tragic results. They become used to comforts unavailable to the rest of the family leading to their creeping alienation. On the other hand, they are illegal immigrants in the West, where they remain second-class citizens toiling for pennies under constant fear of deportation with little possibility of integration. This fabulously directed though at times controversial documentary denudes all the traps of economic migration, but also makes audiences aware how the status of women and their families depends largely on legal or illegal employment. Often, by the time illegal immigrants receive work permits, it is too late to rebuild their families. (kw)
Mama Illegal / Mama Illegal / Mama Illegal  
102 ' , 2011 Austria / cinematography: Michael Schindegger, Radu Bostan, Sandra Merseburger / editing: Alexandra Löwy / production: Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices /