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The Oil Machine

The Oil Machine

82' 2022
dir.: Emma Davie

How dependent are we all on oil? A brilliant analysis of opportunities to move away from the fossil fuel economy.

Oil has become our civilization's fetish. Can we even imagine that one day it will be gone? Starting with the North Sea oil boom, the filmmakers present a short history of oil and plastic, which have changed the world beyond recognition over the last few decades, from the fascinating struggle against the elements on the ocean and pioneering wells immortalized in Technicolor to the glory of Her Royal Majesty, through the present, when Chinese companies control the oil fields off the coast of Scotland. This brilliant documentary uses expressive means to make us realize that oil is more than just fuel, and giving it up globally will be extremely difficult. Still, it should be tried at all costs, because continuing its consumption in its current form is pushing us toward extinction.

Konrad Wirkowski

2022 Sheffield Doc/Fest
2022 IDFA
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82' 2022 United Kingdom
Emma Davie
Julian Schwanitz
Martin Kayser-Landwehr
Sonja Henrici Creates
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2-11 December