A Taste of Whale

A Taste of Whale

85' 2022
dir.: Vincent Kelner

Is tradition more important than suffering? Sea Shepherd activists versus Faroese people engaging in ritualistic pilot whale hunts.

Do hundreds of years of tradition justify unnecessary suffering? During the great hunt, the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands annually kill several hundred pilot whales (actually dolphins once considered small whales). The animal slaughter on EU soil (the islands belong to Denmark) arouses outrage around the world, which does not reduce the enthusiasm of the islanders celebrating grindadrap as part of their history, an element of national identity and the only tourist attraction. But grindadrap also attracts the attention of Sea Shepherd activists who arrive at the scene to prevent another hunt. Each side declares it is determined to defend its beliefs at all costs. Vincent Kelner allows both parties to present their point of view and the viewers to draw their own conclusions. He connects the facts and poses questions with no easy answers.

Konrad Wirkowski

2022 CPH:DOX
2022 DocAviv
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85' 2022 France
Vincent Kelner
Vincent Kelner
Olivier Marzin