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All That Breathes

All That Breathes

94' 2022
dir.: Shaunak Sen

Two brothers in New Delhi try to save birds of prey, essential to the city's ecosystem. Meanwhile, their city plunges into ecological, political and social chaos. 

New Delhi is a city suffocating from the smog that kills people and animals. Even the birds, which increasingly often fall from the sky, lack oxygen here. Fortunately, there are people ready to help them. Saud and Nadeem devote themselves to saving the black kites, great birds of prey necessary for the functioning of the urban ecosystem. The brothers spend their free time searching for injured animals, which they ferry to a basement that functions as a makeshift veterinary clinic. They lack resources, staff and support, and yet fight stubbornly to keep the beautiful predators from disappearing from the sky above the city. Meanwhile, Delhi plunges into deeper political, ecological and social chaos. Nature rebels against man, and violence rules the streets. 

Marta Lityńska

2022 IDFA
2022 Sundance FF (Festival Winner Grand Jury Prize, World Cinema – Documentary)
2022 Krakow FF (Silver Horn Award)
2022 Festival de Cannes (Winner Golden Eye)
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94' 2022 United Kingdom, India, USA
Shaunak Sen
Benjamin Bernhard, Riju Das
Charlotte Munch Bengtsen
Rise Films