Deep Rising

Deep Rising

85' 2023
dir.: Matthieu Rytz

Can the dream of energy transformation threaten the future of ocean ecosystems? A visually stunning documentary essay on the price of treasures from the abyss of the sea, with a voice-over by Jason Momoa. 

Although lobbyists claim that ocean minerals offer an ecological alternative to traditional energy sources, their extraction from the seabed has little to do with the green economy as it cannot be done without crushing ecosystems. Nor can we predict the extent to which the ecological balance of these areas will be disturbed – while emissions stemming from raw materials mining and transport further pollute the planet. And yet, the International Seabed Organization, the UN agency that controls water areas that make up half of the Earth's surface, authorizes the mass extraction of metals necessary for battery production. Is it a strenuous effort to stop the energy crisis or a geopolitical and corporate intrigue? Deep Rising is a visually spectacular story about an underwater world that, although still uncharted, regularly falls victim to man. Featuring a voice-over by Jason Momoa. 

Marta Lityńska 

2023 Sundance
2023 CPH:DOX
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85' 2023 USA
Matthieu Rytz
Matthieu Rytz, William Mackenzie, Diego PequeÑo, Spencer Peter, Wangar
Elisa Bonora, ACE
Matthieu Rytz