Land of Silence and Darkness

Land of Silence and Darkness

85' 1971
dir.: Werner Herzog

An undisputable milestone in the history of documentary filmmaking. A magical film in which Herzog does the impossible by portraying the world of people who communicate with the world only by touch. 

Werner Herzog needs no introduction to anyone even slightly interested in cinema. He could not be absent in the juxtaposition presenting the classic works of the European engaged documentary. The German director has always been interested in extraordinary individuals who face great challenges. This is also the case with "The Land of Silence and Darkness." We are introduced to her by blind and deaf Fini Straubinger – a woman with a big heart and infinite levels of empathy, helping people who, like her, can communicate with the world only through touch. Herzog's poetic and extremely moving film offers hope: it shows that thanks to the strength of will, consistency and determination, we are able to do the unimaginable. 

Konrad Wirkowski 


1972 Cannes
1973 New York FF
1999 IDFA

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85' 1971 West Germany
Werner Herzog
Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein
Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus
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