Plan C

Plan C

99' 2022
dir.: Tracy Droz Tragos

This 2014 Sundance winner examines determined American activists who, irrespective of the legal consequences, provide safe abortion access to women. Sound familiar?  

"Plan C" presents the activities and motivations of the titular group of activists and doctors providing abortion access in the United States. Since 2020 access has been limited by statute state by state, and in 2022 by the Supreme Court, with abortion clinics closing en masse. Activists, following the international movement operating in this way for years, use and publicize the pharmacological method – the so-called morning after pill. People in unwanted pregnancies receive pills by mail, and perform abortions themselves at home, away from lurking prosecutors and doctors calling the police. The film shows the work of doctors who take legal risks and expose themselves to violence, because the ethics of the profession and a simple sense of decency dictate that they continue to help.  
Kinga Jelińska, Natalia Broniarczyk   

Women Help Women & Aborcyjny Dream Team 


2023 Sundance
2023 SXSW FF

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99' 2022 USA
Tracy Droz Tragos
Derek Howard, Emily Topper
Meredith Raithel Perry
Dinky Pictures, Lismore Road Productions, XTR, Chicken & Egg Pictures