The Gleaners and I

The Gleaners and I

82' 1999
dir.: Agnès Varda

A funny and poignant film by the icon of French cinema. Starting from the theme of collecting, Varda creates a holistic metaphor of modernity, combining aesthetics, counterculture, and ecology. 

Agnès Varda is an icon of French cinema and the only female New Wave filmmaker. Her lively and unpretentious style (she never graduated from any art school) won the hearts of viewers around the world. Varda has never shied away from improvisation and has always rebelled against established norms – not just film norms. Filmed by her in 2000, the documentary "Gleaners and I" is a truly French, funny, philosophical and at times politically engaged manifesto of anti-commercialism. Portraying all kinds of collectors: farmers, squatters, collectors and artists, the director can find beauty in unexpected situations, objects and attitudes. This simple, universal film is an anthem in honor of a world where everything and everyone can find their place. 

Konrad Wirkowski  


2000 Cannes
2000 Viennale (Winner: Standard Readers' Jury Prize)
2000 TIFF

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82' 1999 France
Agnès Varda
Stéphane Krausz, Didier Rouget, Didier Doussin, Pascal Sautelet et Agnès Varda
Agnès Varda