The World is Family

The World is Family

96' 2023
dir.: Anand Patwardhan

Legendary Indian documentarian Anand Patwardhan examines members of his immediate family who left their indelible marks on the history of India and the world. 

Anand Patwardhan is an institution. This time, India's leading documentary filmmaker dedicates a film to his immediate family. Starting with his parents' and relatives' stories, he crafts an unusual documentary tapestry, where personal anecdotes weave into momentous historical events. Illustrated with unique archival materials, stories of uncles and aunts who, together with Gandhi, organized resistance against the British authorities, make the past come alive, suddenly comprehensible and proximate. Patwardhan's film is also an ode to family ties, tiny gestures that bind us together and an immortal sense of humour forming a poignant documentary that explores the passage of time, the essence of dignity, and the resonance of memory, incidentally yet deliberately anchored in the fabric of modern India. 

Konrad Wirkowski  


2023 TIFF
2023 IDFA (Best Editing Award International Competition)

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96' 2023 India
Anand Patwardhan
Simantini Dhuru, Anand Patwardhan
Anand Patwardhan
Anand Patwardhan