Tokyo Uber Blues

Tokyo Uber Blues

93' 2022
dir.: Taku Aoyagi

Who delivers food to your door? The filmmaker takes a job as a bicycle courier delivering fast food in Tokyo gripped by pandemic fever.  

Do you know what happens when you select your favorite restaurant on your smartphone and click the "order" button on a rainy day? Tempted by the prospect of high earnings, Taku Aoyagi, pushing thirty, sets off from his hometown to Tokyo to become a food delivery courier and at least partially repay the loan he took out at college. Taku's everyday life begins to resemble a game in which the only way to survive is to reach the new levels of difficulty. "Tokyo Uber Blues" is a penetrating and humorous documentary about the world of the digital precariat and birth of a new, modern working class. This is a film for anyone wishing to understand the reality behind anything being available through an app. Living from hand to mouth takes on a completely new meaning after this screening. 


2023 Sheffield Doc/ Fest

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93' 2022 Japan
Taku Aoyagi
Taku Aoyagi, Kiyoshi Tsuji, Kazuo Osawa
Kiyoshi Tsujii
Nondelaico, Mizuguchiya Film
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1-10 December