The Filmmaker's House

The Filmmaker's House

76' 2020
dir.: Marc Isaacs

The situation gets out of hand when a Colombian housekeeper, British laborers, a Slovak homeless man and Pakistani neighbor meet at the director's house.

The filmmaker, Marc Isaacs, opens up the doors to his home and reveals the secrets of his profession. Disgusted with the demands of an audiovisual market prepared to finance nothing but documentaries dominated by sensationalism, crime, and death, he decides to make his next film in his house. He films his cleaning lady, workers repairing the fence in his yard, a neighbor from Pakistan offering everyone a delicious meal, and a homeless man he sometimes lets sleep on his couch. But when this entire international contingent meets at the same time in his living room, the situation gets out of hand. Is it an incredible coincidence or perhaps just expert directing? The borders between documentary and fiction become increasingly blurred, and viewers start to question their point of view as an audience. Are the characters we see on-screen playing roles? And what role is the director playing? Isaacs’ inventive cinematic game is engaging, entertaining, and disturbing all at the same time.

Konrad Wirkowski

IDFA 2020
Doclisboa IFF 2020
Sheffield Doc/Fest 2020
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76' 2020 United Kingdom
Marc Isaacs
Marc Isaacs
David Charap, Marc Isaacs
Lush, MK Studios, Bungalow Town Productions
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