The Exiled Generation. Discussion after the screening of “Motherland”

The Exiled Generation. Discussion after the screening of “Motherland”

Estimates show that due to the repressions that began in 2020, at least 300,000 people left Belarus, a country with a population of 9 million. The majority are young people fleeing the threat of imprisonment and the stagnation of life in a totalitarian country. They left behind their previous lives and dreams in Belarus, but did they want and manage to find new ones upon arriving in a new place?

Yauhenia Dolgaya - journalist who had to leave the country after the events of 2020. She is the creator of the Politvyazynka project, which brings together Belarusian women deprived of freedom in politically motivated cases and organises assistance for female prisoners and their families. 

Palina Brodik - President of the Free Belarus Center, which brings together Belarusians, offers them legal aid and organises cultural events in the Belarusian diaspora. 

Aleksander Mihalkovich and Hanna Bodyaka - directors of the film Motherland

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Hosted by: Yauheniya Dolgaya

Participants: Palina Brodik (Free Belarus Center), directors of the film Alexsander Mihalkovich i Hanna Bodyaka