'20 Days in Mariupol' wins Best Documentary Feature Film

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award in the "Best Feature-length Documentary" category goes to "20 Days in Mariupol."

The Pulitzer Prize-winning documentary is a winner of the most important film festivals in the world, such as Sundance, CPH:DOX and IDFA, and a BAFTA® award winner. The film was also recognized in Poland - by the audience and the jury of the Main Competition of the 23rd WATCH DOCS IFF. Receiving the statuette at the Oscar gala, Mstyslav Chernov said:

— This is the first Oscar in Ukrainian history, and I’m honored. Probably I will be the first director on this stage to say I wish I’d never made this film, I wish to be able to exchange this to Russia never attacking Ukraine. I wish for them to release all the hostages, all the soldiers who are protecting their land, all the civilians who are in their jails. 

I cannot change history. I cannot change the past,” he concluded. “But we all together, you – some of the most talented people in the world – can make sure the history record is set straight and the truth will prevail and the people of Mariupol and those who have lost their lives will never be forgotten. Because cinema forms memories and memories form history. Slava Ukraini!

The film of March 8 can be seen in arthouse cinemas nationwide.

The film is for adult audiences only. 

The WATCH DOCS Festival and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights are distributors of the film.

Partners: Nowa Polszcza, Centrum Mieroszewskiego, Stowarzyszenie Kin Studyjnych 

Co-financing 24th WATCH DOCS IFF: City of Warsaw, European Union (“Creative Europe” MEDIA).