Memorial: Russia needs to talk about war – interview with Sergei Davidis now on! has already published an interview that Sergey Davidis, the head of the program for providing help to political prisoners of the Russian Memorial, gave to Konrad Wirkowski, the program director of WATCH DOCS. Davidis talks about the repression of Russian human rights defenders, draconian sentences for protesting against the war, and the similarities between the situation in today's Russia, Nazi Germany, and the late USSR. The entire interview is available here.

In 2009, Memorial was awarded the Sakharov Prize by the European Parliament. By the decision of a Moscow court, the association was closed in December 2021, but Memorial members continue to work for human rights in Russia. We also encourage you to visit the virtual exhibition prepared by the European Parliament on the Sakharov Prize in the context of human rights in the world.


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