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In this year's feature-length documentary competition for the WATCH DOCS 2020 Award, we present nine films selected from over a thousand submissions. Only Polish premieres and two titles nominated by us for the WATCH DOCS Award at the 60th Krakow Film Festival. Films from five continents, made in the last two years, appreciated at the world's largest film festivals. 

A panorama of contemporary human rights documentaries. Committed filmmakers who ask difficult questions in their films. Topics, people and events in the spotlight of human rights defenders. Check out these films if you want to see what the world really looks like.

The most interesting, little-seen Polish documentaries of the last season on social issues. Some history, sport, two strong Belarusian accents, a Polish film made in Gambia and a subtle story about a difficult family relationship. There are also two newly completed films about this year's street protests.

This year's short documentary selection  consists of two sets. The first includes three films recently made by Belarusian filmmakers during mass protests after the rigged elections. The second features three brilliant Dutch shorts devoted to hot-button issues - abortion, sex education and the school climate strike.