98' 2021
dir.: Phie Ambo

A picture of the uneasy cooperation among Danish activists and politicians who, during street protests and cabinet negotiations, create a climate law that would become an example for the world. 

"70/30” is a film for anyone frustrated by governments dragging their feet and who seeks to slow down global warming and save the Earth as we know it. Director Phie Ambo follows the passage of the Danish national climate law, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent by 2030. Will Denmark's pioneering regulations become a role model for governments around the world and get accepted by both the public and climate activists as sufficiently ambitious? Thanks to direct access to key political figures, Ambo manages to show the complexity of energy transformation processes and prove the enormous power of civic protests.

Tadeusz Strączek

2021 CPH:DOX
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98' 2021 Denmark
Phie Ambo
Phie Ambo
Mads Michael Olsen
Hansen & Pedersen
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