In the Rearview

In the Rearview

84' 2023
dir.: Maciek Hamela

From Ukraine to Poland, Maciek Hamela extracts people fleeing the conflict zone and immortalizes their stories along the way. The most important Polish film about this war, touted by viewers of the world's leading festivals. 

Probably the best Polish documentary about the war in Ukraine, lauded at leading international festivals, was created a bit accidentally. On February 24, 2022, Maciek Hamela bought a used van, and a few days later he went to Ukraine to help people fleeing the war. For almost half a year, he drove farther and farther east, transporting refugees – and recording their stories. His car becomes a vestibule of normality for traumatized women, children and men, a refuge in which they can finally feel safe. A place to hear from fellow riders and share their own stories. An unpretentious and touching film that, as if casually and without exploiting violence, conveys the truth about war. 

Konrad Wirkowski 


2023 ACID Cannes
2023 Millenium Docs Against Gravity
2023 Sheffield Doc/ Fest
2023 TIFF
2023 IDFA

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84' 2023 Poland, France, Ukraine
Maciek Hamela
Wawrzyniec Skoczylas, Yura Dunay, Marcin Sierakowski, Piotr Grawender
Piotr Ogiński
Produkcja: Affinity Cine, Pemplum, SaNoSi Productions, 435 Films