Inventing Truth - The Relotius Affair

Inventing Truth - The Relotius Affair

93' 2023
dir.: Daniel Andreas Sager

The strange rise and fall of Germany's biggest journalist showing just how thin the line between truth and fiction has become. 

When Claas Relotius, one of Germany's most celebrated journalists, accepted his final award in 2019, he was aware that his illustrious reputation was hanging by a thread. Shortly thereafter, his career imploded amidst a colossal scandal when it was revealed that the reporting which got him to the top was largely fabricated. Daniel Sager's meticulously crafted film delves into the ‘Relotius affair’, seeking insights from his rivals, editors, and colleagues. It seems unfathomable that Der Spiegel, a paragon of media integrity, could have been duped by a charlatan for years. Sager's film raises probing questions: In this age of pervasive relativism and echo chambers, is there still an imperative for truth and journalistic objectivity? 

Konrad Wirkowski  

2023 CPH:DOX
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93' 2023 Germany
Daniel Andreas Sager
Nicolai Mehring
Leonardo Franke
Kinescope Film GmbH
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1-10 December