Pure Unknown

Pure Unknown

93' 2023
dir.: Mattia Colombo. Valentina Cicogna

Do the deceased have human rights? A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at efforts to restore identity to the nameless victims of the migration crisis and attendant mafia skirmishes. 

The film opens with a sequence of crime-scene evidence collection that immediately evokes top-tier "true crime" series. At the heart of the documentary is Cristina Cattaneo, a University of Milan professor and Europe’s foremost expert in forensic anthropology, known for her innovative use of archaeological techniques in forensic science. Amidst teaching forensics students, the art of identifying deceased individuals, Cristina dedicates her efforts to unravelling the kinds of mysteries that seldom grab headlines. She works tirelessly to reclaim the identities of nameless migrants who have long awaited recognition and to uncover the fates of women who have disappeared, ensnared by mafia traffickers. 

Konrad Wirkowski  


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2023 Karlovy Vary IFF

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93' 2023 Italy, Switzerland, Sweden
Mattia Colombo. Valentina Cicogna
Jacopo Loiodice
Valentina Cicogna
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1-10 December