Lonely Oaks

Lonely Oaks

102' 2023
dir.: Fabiana Fragale, Kilian Kuhlendahl, Jens Muehlhoff

Young activists work to save a forest, blocking an energy corporation's expansion plans. A shocking film where facing the death of the filmmaker tests the limits of sacrifice in defence of nature. 

The fight to save Germany's Hambach Forest from clearance for a vast mine expansion has become one of the most iconic environmental struggles in recent history. Amidst this conflict, as police clear out a protest camp in the forest, a tragedy unfolds: a young filmmaker, who spent years chronicling the activists' endeavours, meets a mysterious death. His footage, which makes up the documentary Lonely Oaks plunges viewers into the heart of the turmoil, among the treetops that house a network of the protesters' hidden sanctuaries. The film's dynamic, vertigo-inducing aerial shots mirror the dizzying moral heights the young filmmaker's questions reach: What are we prepared to forfeit in the fight for our convictions? And in such a battle, can the idea of an impartial observer truly exist? 

Michał Matuszewski 

2023 Berlinale
2023 Sheffield Doc/ Fest
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102' 2023 Germany
Fabiana Fragale, Kilian Kuhlendahl, Jens Muehlhoff
Carina Neubohn, Steffen Meyn
Ulf Albert
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1-10 December