Mourning in Lod

Mourning in Lod

93' 2023
dir.: Hilla Medalia

Hilla Medalia brings us closer to the story revealing the intricacies of the conflict, the latest installment of which is captivating the world. The families of two accidental victims of the conflict, from opposite sides of the barricade, are plunged into pain after the loss of loved ones, but thanks to an unusual coincidence, they will be connected by something more. 

Is it possible to measure and compare suffering? In her latest film, an experienced Israeli documentary filmmaker (we showed her "Web Junkie" in the WATCH DOCS Competition 10 years ago) shares the intricacies of a conflict, the latest installment of which is attracting the world's attention. During a demonstration of the strength of Israeli settlers in 2021, a random passerby, a Palestinian named Musa, is killed. A few days later, after his funeral, riots break out, the victim of which is Yigal, a Jew. Neither of them were extremists, they lived in the same neighborhood, they had met in a store and on the street. Both families are in pain, but thanks to an unusual coincidence, something more will unite them. 

Konrad Wirkowski 

Interview with the film protagonists (18min) will follow the screening (75min).

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93' 2023 Israel
Hilla Medalia
Avner Shahaf
Erez Laufer, Doron Djerassi
Medalia Productions
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1-10 December