Fragments of War: How to Talk to Survivors Discussion after the screening of “What If the War Ends Tomorrow"

Fragments of War: How to Talk to Survivors Discussion after the screening of “What If the War Ends Tomorrow"

War leaves behind death and ruin while survivors must continue living. Some, to return to normalcy, need to share the stories of their experiences. How can we listen to those affected by war in a way that makes them feel heard, while also avoiding the risk of retraumatization? Can their stories have a real impact on rebuilding justice?

Małgorzata Łaszcz - journalist at TVN24. She has been hosting programmes at the station since 2001 ("Loża Prasowa", "Tak Jest"). Head of the team of TVN24 producers. She previously worked for Radio Zet for 10 years. For 13 years she has been involved with the Mam Marzenie Foundation, where she is a volunteer. 

Martyna Wojciechowska - journalist, traveller and social activist. Founder and president of the UNAWEZA Foundation, whose aim is to equalise opportunities for women in Poland and around the world, initiator of the project "MŁODE GŁOWY" project.  She is the author of numerous reportages, documentaries and bestselling books. 

Hanna Jewsiewicka - reporter, director, producer. She has prepared footage in Sierra Leone, Chad, Malawi, Ghana, Siberia, Japan, Lebanon, El Salvador, Canada and Australia, among others. Since 2014, he has also beencovering Ukraine, which resulted in the film "What If the War Ends Tomorrow". 

Aleksandra Iwanowska - PhD in Law, graduate of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Philology at the University of Białystok. From 2012 to 2017, she worked at the National Torture Prevention Mechanism in the Ombudsman's Office, and from 2016 she was co-chair of the KMPT Expert Committee. Since 2018, she has been associated with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, where she is involved in strategic litigation and human rights monitoring in the countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. 

Wiola Rębecka - psychoanalyst and trauma researcher 

The debate will be held in Polish only.

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Hosted by: Małgorzata Łaszcz

Participants: Martyna Wojciechowska, Hanna Jewsiewicka, dr Aleksandra Iwanowska, Wiola Rębecka