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Tigre Gente

Tigre Gente

94' 2021
dir.: Elizabeth Unger

An investigation by Bolivian rangers reveals the behind-the-scenes of illegal jaguar hunting and poachers' links to the Chinese mafia.

The Madidi National Park in Bolivia holds the world's largest species diversity featuring high-altitude mountain areas of the Andes, humid equatorial forests and savannahs. However, this fairy-tale land is also a place of illegal jaguar hunting. On the black market, jaguar fangs successfully imitate tiger teeth. While the park director persistently tracks poachers who have pushed jaguars to the verge of extinction, a Hong Kong journalist finds herself in China and Myanmar on the trail of traffickers. The investigation exposes the extent of Chinese influence in the region as the source of environmental degradation. This is a story of greed, man’s sadistic nature and the social responsibility of those who treat forest inhabitants as members of their family. 

Marta Lityńska

2021 Tribeca Film Festival
2022 Doc Edge Festival
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94' 2021 USA
Elizabeth Unger
Eddie Roqueta
Jill Schweitzer, Alistair Shurman
4WT, MediaXTR